Newborn Baby Care Tips

Newborn Baby Care Tips

A lot of people say that becoming a parent has been the best thing that has ever happened to them. After all, it is an event that completely changes a person. But becoming a first-time parent also comes with a lot of responsibility. 

Parents need to take perfect care of their baby. Have you recently welcomed your little one into your life? Here are some newborn baby care tips to help you keep your baby happy and healthy! 

Important Tips To Look After Your Newborn

From feeding to sleeping hours, read on for some simple newborn baby care tips.

Feed your baby at regular intervals

During the first few weeks of her life, your baby should be fed between eight to twelve times a day. This means that you should ideally feed your baby every three to four hours during the day.
As your baby grows, she will be able to eat more and thus eat fewer times every day.

Be careful while bathing your baby

When it comes to bathing your baby, make sure you don’t do it too frequently. Bathing her too frequently can dry up her skin. Anywhere between two to three times a week should be more than enough. 

Also, bathing your baby just before bedtime will help her sleep soundly.

Massage your baby frequently

Massaging will improve your baby’s blood circulation and give her a sound sleep. But most importantly, it strengthens your bond with the baby. Also, make sure that you use a high-quality lotion or massage oil. 

Maintain eye contact while massaging your baby and talk to her. These few minutes everyday will go a long way in bringing you closer to your little one.

Make your baby sleep on her back

As you may have noticed already, newborns sleep a lot. That’s why it is important for you to make sure that your baby sleeps comfortably. To begin with, you should ensure that your baby always sleeps on her back.  

Taking care of a newborn can be exhausting for the parents as well. So, make sure that you get enough sleep when your baby is sleeping. This allows you to be wide awake when your little one is awake and needs you around.

Taking care of your newborn doesn’t have to be too stressful. If you keep these newborn baby care tips in mind, you’ll watch your little one smile playfully and sleep well.