How to source sweaters like a pro

How to source sweaters like a pro

If you are an entreprenuer, a fashion designer or a merchandiser looking to source sweaters for your private label this post is for you. 

Are you tired of looking for vendors who can make the products as per your specifications, your color requirement, your yarn specifications. Are you fed up with the committment issues of the suppliers who say they will deliver on an X day and then avoid your calls on deadlines. You are a true patriot and want to source material Made in Bharat but don't know where to look for - look no further we have you covered. 

Welcome to Sweaters Makers - we have been in the industry since over 19 years and have supplied over 2 million sweaters; we specialise in the new born and kids category. We have over 2000 ready styles with over 150 colors to choose from and 40 ready colors available with us. For the domestic market we use Aditya Birla's Pilbloc Techlnology treated Acrlyic Yarn apart from this we also use blended yarns, lurex and many more types of yarns. We are tech driven, we have a zero wastage policy especially for our sampling process. Its a first in the industry and we are very proud of it. Our Co Founder - Sarthak Dayama is also a Visiting Faculty who teaches advanced kinitting and a Jury Member at India's Premiere National Institute of Fashion Technology governed by the Minsitry of Texitles Government of India. 

For all your requirements please fill this below form 

Private Label Basic Questionnaire

How to fill this form 

Step by Step guide - 

After filling your basic information you will arrive on point no 6 

1. Create a product based on your sketches 

If you already have sketches and a tech pack ready with you select this 

2. Create a product based on your Look Board 

If you have already curated how the products need to look like drawing inspiration from your look board select this 

3. Explore Custom made designs 

If you want to create an all new custom made design you can select this option 

4. Create a product based on your mood board 

If you have a mood board ready with you and you want to draw inspirations from this select this option 

5. Create a product based on our designs 

Explore the ready designs that we have under various categories to get started 

6. Not Sure Need Guidance on How to Start 

If you are new to this space and need guidance on how to proceed ahead select this. 


Next Section is more specific requirement based 

Material requirement - You can select more than 1 option if needed 

Types of products needed

Select one or more categories of products - based on the reference images for you 

Select the age group or the size of the products under the categories that you have choosen in the past 

Mention your total styles requirement - here 1 style =1 design; where 1 design can have many color options and sizes 

Now type in your size requirements like small, medium, large or 30,32,34 etc if you are not sure please mention NA - you wont be able to leave this question blank 

Now among the different types of Gauges of knit; select the gauge you would want your products to be made in - the higher the gauge the finer the end product. Typically most products you will see on are of 7 GG. 

Any Special requests - please mention in detail - Let us know if you have any special requests or requirement for your product like you need handmade embroidery, crochets, pom poms to be added or you need personalized branding etc 

Delivery Requirements

This part will help us understand how fast you want the material delivered to you and the process involved in so that we can recommend TAT for you. 

Branded Trims

Do you have your own tags, buttons, wash care labels etc that need to be used for the material to be made - Kindly answer in Yes or No 

Barcode Labels 

We assume you will need barcode labels too to be placed on the tags - if yes please mention the size of the barcode labels as per your brand policy if you do not require barcode labels leave it blank 

Packaging Requests 

Do you want the material to be packed in Unbranded polybags or you will provide us your own packaging requirement - if you have a nominated supplier for packaging you can still select this option. 

Delivery Dates of the product

Please mention by when do you need the delivery of the material ideally the longer the time period we get we can source the material if you have any special requests. 

What happens after the forms are filled 

Once you fill this form you will get an instant email asking for further details. You can reply on the email with your size chart, mood board or tech pack, or any other special requests that you may have. This is because microsoft doesnt allows uers outside the organisation to upload documents in the form hence you will be required to send the details over the email. 

Once we receive all the above information one of our team members will reach to you on call to understand your qty requirement and if any special requests were made and the summary of the discussion will be mailed to you the same day. 

Within the next 2 working days you shall recieve virtual samples of the products and the colorways for your reference along with the qoute for the requirement and an approx delivery time. 

Virtual Sample - How the front and back will look like 

Virtual Sample of 1 style in 6 colorways - each colorway made up of 3 colors with Pantone Shade Numbers 

If you still have questions that you want to take it up with us - please feel free to reach us on Whatsapp here